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In our September Episode, Lauri Roggenkamp (Montreal Just for Laughs) and Vince Rabsatt (UCLA) try to figure out the difference between a scientist and a comedian, stand-up Ronnie Adrian (TNT Improv, Key and Peele) learns what Mad Libs are, sketchical guest Sex Truck makes out with each other while eating cheeseburgers, and Hunter finally gives Corey "and" the Early Late Nite Show Band some stagetime. Also, everyone tries to pick up Bilow, to varying degrees of success.

BUT THEN, as the show ends, BILL KOTTKAMP… or should we say… KILL BOTTKAMP… unexpectedly appears to give the show a truly shocking ending.

Check out the podcast, and then come down on October 19th for the exciting conclusion of the Early Late Nite Show's entirely unnecessary cliffhanger in our HALLOWEEN EPISODE!

Episode 10: Boy, August Was Hot! LIVE!

THE EARLY LATE NITE SHOW HAS HEAT STROKE. In the midst of Hollywood's Labor Day weekend heat wave, Hunter finally explains his philosophies regarding on-stage nudity as he, Bilow and Corey have to go shirtless under the hot Improv Space lights! Meanwhile, standup Rajan Dharni explains how he became a part of his creepy building, Chad Damiani questions whether or not he's famous, Christopher Einshtein explains what you have to do with a bengal tiger, and sketchical guest Andre Radojcich explains what he wants in a woman.

Guest starring Bill Kottkamp and Eileen Mary O'Connell as Shaq Soda and Diet Coke in the dumbest bit we've ever done.

It's the August episode of The Early Late Nite Show: Getting Late Early!

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Guess what… it's the 5th LIVE episode of The Early Late Nite Show! Listen in to find out about Dan Oster (MadTV)'s career highlights (no, not his high school production of Don Juan), whether or not Bill Kottkamp (Funny or Die) is from the Inland Empire (we're still not sure), and we answer the all important question: will Bilow's phone app declare Candace Davantzis, a woman with no comedy experience, THE FUNNIEST PERSON ONSTAGE? Meanwhile, Hunter gives us blatantly false Breaking Bad spoilers, Dumbshit Mountain tries to go to the bar, and Matt Davantzis goes deep into the psyche of a brilliantly funny man who has trouble expressing himself to doctors.

It's The Early Late Nite Show, July edition!

For more of Dan Oster and his podcast Lost Moon Radio (featured in the show), check out

For more of Bill Kottkamp, check out

For more of Dumbshit Mountain, check out

Matt Davantzis doesn't have much of a web presence, but add him on Facebook, he's super nice.

Live in our new Saturday timeslot at The Improv Space, we ask the hard hitting questions: what are waffle fingers? what's too nerdy for a podcast? how does Men's Wearhouse firing their founder affect YOU? Mike Roe (KPCC), Kathryn Molloy (Conan), and the members of Handsome Dan get to the bottom of these issues. Meanwhile Robin Higgins (McSweeney's) tells us why she hates the limbo, Corey sings a ballad to the evil Arch Wallaby and Bilow hosts a competition so nice, we spelled it ewict. That's right, it's June 2013's episode of THE EARLY LATE NITE SHOW with HUNTER M. ALTMAN!

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Guys, this show was awesome. We interviewed Juliette Danielle, who played LISA in THE ROOM, we had amazing stand-up from LAURA MANNINO, three outstanding highly visual sketches that still somehow work on the podcast from BOTTOM OF THE BARREL, and extremely funny 'topical' improv by The Improv Space's own MY FAVORITE CUSTOMER. Corey rocks out, Bilow is almost fired and Hunter asks the tough questions... poorly.

That's right, it's LIVE at The Improv Space: THE EARLY LATE NITE SHOW!

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Hunter fights off an insurgency for the host position, Mike bakes cookies for the entire audience, Canadian Skander Halim discovers that his quest for a green card has spanned the entire life of one audience member, Max Zarou shows off his amazing shoes and tells us about working with Charlie Sheen, and Rena Hundert kills it with three sketches from her upcoming Montreal Fringe Festival show. That's right, it's our second live episode of THE EARLY LATE NITE SHOW: CANADIANS AND COOKIES!

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Hunter and Mike interview Matt Mazany ("Handsome Dan," "Cakewalk," and the First Assistant Director of Funny or Die's "iSteve") about working with celebrities at Funny or Die, shooting iSteve -- a feature-length film -- in just five days, the differences between improv and sketch comedy, and also whether he can call himself a 'comedian.' All this and more, separated by some of the best and worst segues you've ever heard. Also, we throw down for an Obama impersonation contest in the middle of the show because why not. (Matt wins).

Did you guys know Matt's from Alaska?

Check out CAKEWALK (Matt's improv team) at Second City Hollywood this Tuesday night with UCB's COMING CLEAN!

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Preparing for the second live episode of THE EARLY LATE NITE SHOW (Tuesday April 30th! 9pm! The Improv Space in Westwood), Hunter realized that he is not very good at celebrity impressions. And how can you host a talk show without having some good Jeff Goldblum impressions?

Last week Mike taught Hunter how to interview better, but can he reign in a plethora of terrible impersonations from Brando to Elmo, from The Batman to Barack, and from Bush to Elvis -- somehow literally within the same failed impression. If you're looking for a podcast that somehow gratuitously mentions the movies "John Q" and "The Score," then buddy, you've got it. But can Hunter pull off just one good impression? Listen and see!

Oh, and Mike does Bugs Bunny.

Featuring special guest: Mike's girlfriend Jessica, who has never heard of Jeff Goldblum.

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In our 3rd episode, we reminisce on a great live show, but Hunter got a lot of criticism: he's really bad at interviews! Who better to teach him than his co-host, Mike Bilow, who takes no BS and (spoiler alert) yells at him a lot.

By the end, can Hunter ask even one compelling question? I mean, this one is short. Just a smidgen over 20 minutes. You don't have to listen long to find out!

Also, Bilow proposes a new title for the podcast, based on perhaps the best joke Hunter ever told.


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Episode 2: LIVE at the Improv Space with Patrick O'Sullivan, Tim Chang, Just Mimsy and more!

Live from The Improv Space in Westwood: Just Mimsy shows us how toymakers brainstorm best, Patrick O'Sullivan shares his experiences singing on The Neighbors, Tim Chang explains why he's the focus of his own podcast, Corey rocks out, Hunter stammers a lot, Bilow keeps things rolling and everyone recounts what they wore when they first met Hunter. That's right, it's n the first LIVE episode of Getting' Late Early: THE EARLY LATE NITE SHOW!

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